What people say about us

Members of the public often email or phone us with positive comments about our students.  It is with great delight that I share some of these with you.

I wanted to write to you to let you know about the thoughtfulness of your pupils today.I had collected my daughters (4&6) from Primary school, we entered Tulse  Hill station from Avenue Road, my girls were ahead of me waiting at the bottom of the steps of platform 3. Approaching me were 2 girls in their own clothes who basically stopped me from passing, though I brushed pass and apologised for knocking one of their arms they followed me got in front again. I managed to get to my children, they then cornered my 6 year old who was crying, I pulled her away and we ran to the ticket office.The reason for this is there were 3 girls from your school. I have found this out by research, who were very considerate and polite and asked if my daughter and I were all alrightUnfortunately I was so shaken I did not ask their names, but they did then go to Platform 4. Young people are too often criticised, therefore I wanted to pass this onto you.

Kind regards


"Really great to meet you and your very talented students yesterday. I was blown away by their energy and enthusiasm, as well as their sense of discipline and courtesy. A brilliantly inspiring session. It gave me hope for the future!"

I was on my way home from work after doing a 20 hour shift and got on the 68 to West Norwood. To be honest I was dreading my journey when I saw some students from your school about to board the bus. To my surprise they behaved impeccably. You are definitely doing something right. Keep up the good work. 



Dear School, 

I am a member of the public who drives by your school every morning on my way to work. It is with delight that I write to commend you on the change of school uniform. The former uniform was depressing and suited nobody, no matter your skin tone. This new school year as I once again drove by the school on my way to work, I saw your new school uniforms. What a refreshing sight! The new uniforms are smart and make the girls look modern and smart. I extend a well done to all of you who thought of this idea and designed the school uniform, my gratitude for your hard work. Congratulations to all of you and best wishes. 


A member of the public who drives by your school every morning.