Severe weather procedures

Snow may look pretty but we know it is a major inconvenience to people who have to travel. We recognise that it is important that our school remains open so that parents are able to work and students can continue to learn. We will make every effort to prepare for severe weather e.g. gritting pathways and clearing access points. 

Unfortunately, no weather forecast can ever be perfect. That, combined with potentially severe weather, means we always have to keep our plans under review.  Any decision to close the school is the very last option for us and it not a decision that is taken lightly.  It is based on the following factors:

  •   Safety of the school site
  •   Safety of students and staff
  •   Transport arrangements
  •   Ability to staff the school adequately
  •   Weather forecast for the day

If we do have to close the school we would notify you in the following ways:

  •   A closure notice will be posted on the school website
  •   There will be a closure message for all families who call the school telephone number 
  •   All families who have registered for ParentMail will receive a message notifying them of the school closure

We will update our website regularly to keep you informed about our arrangements.  You can also contact us in the following ways:

Telephone: 020 8674 5594
Fax: 020 8674 1379

Severe Weather letter to families January 2017 Severe Weather letter to families January 2017
Severe weather policy approved 28 November 2016 Severe weather policy