School music

As a team within a vibrant school community, we seek to support all aspects of school life through a range of teaching, performing and spiritual activities.  The aim is to develop knowledge and understanding, as well as provide memorable musical experiences for our students regardless of age and ability.  Extra-curricular music and instrumental/singing teaching are highly valued at St Martin’s. They are viewed as a significant aspect of applied learning, supporting the music curriculum, the musical life of the school and the musical life of the wider community.

The Music Department aims to:

  • provide lessons that inspire, enthuse, motivate and guide students through the study, practice and performance of music within a variety of social settings.

  • foster the love of music by encouraging students to participate in, and attend extra-curricular musical groups, choirs, ensembles, orchestras and performances both at school and beyond.

  • encourage students to explore and develop their own creativity through their own self-led learning both as independent learners and as collaborators.


Term 1.1               
    Term 1.2
    Term 2.1
    Term 2.2
     Term 3.1
     Term 3.2
Yr 7    Singing Reading Music (Keyboards)Folk Music/medievalChords (Keyboards/ Ukuleles)Instruments of the OrchestraAfrican Drumming
Yr 8BaroqueKeyboard Skills/EDMMusicalsGamelan/SambaBluesBlues/Jazz
Yr 9Pop Songs Classical/ Theme and variationsMinimalism/20th centuryFilm and Programme MusicFemale close harmony/ Glee moduleSinging comp/workshops       


At Key Stage 4 students can opt to study GCSE Music following the Eduqas 9-1 Specification. Peripatetic music staff assist in the preparation of their pupils for the solo and ensemble elements of GCSE music. Students who choose to take GCSE music are provided with a instrumental or voice lesson by the school.


There are many opportunities for pupils at St. Martin’s to explore their musical potential through extra-curricular musical activities. These include:

  • Guitar and Ukulele Club
  • Year 7 Choir
  • Festival Choir
  • Woodwind Ensemble
  • Music Tech Club

Students are also encouraged to from their own ensembles and, where possible, provision is made to accommodate bands and self-led learning opportunities as they arise.


Instrumental Tuition – Applications

  • Tuition is available for woodwind, piano, guitar, drums and singing by arrangement. Lessons cost £120 per term for 10 lessons. Group lessons cost £60 per term but are subject to availabilty
  • Fees for instrumental/singing lessons are payable in advance by either cash, cheque or bank transfer.
  • Instrumental / singing lessons are rotated, meaning that the majority of lessons take place at a different time on the teaching day each week.


St Martin’s is a school where the most talented girls thrive. This year we are launching our new Awards Programme which is an unmissable educational opportunity for girls who show aptitude in the STEM subjects, Music or Sport.

As a music award winner you will:

  • Be given your own mentor who works in the music industry
  • Have access to special projects and trips supported by the Awards programme
  • Be part of the elite Award Club
  • Receive tuition on one instrument (or voice) of your choice (worth £360 per year)
  • Be invited to attend guest lectures as part of the “Da Vinci” lecture series
  • Receive a free school uniform

Click here for an application for the 18/19 Awards.