Eid Mubarak

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A celebration will take place on 15 June 2018 marking the end of Ramadan. The Muslim community will be celebrating the end of fasting, and giving thanks to Allah for providing them with strength through Ramadan. This celebration is known as Eid al Fitr. Literally translating from Arabic as ‘festival of breaking the fast’.

Every year, the Mayor of London hosts a special London Eid Festival. Thousands of Londoners and visitors join in every year for this event, celebrating the end of Ramadan with an exciting stage line up, family fun and delicious food! This is a free event for everyone, taking place at Trafalgar Square.                                                          

The event is from 12.00 noon and finishes at 6.00pm.


For more information visit https://www.london.gov.uk/events/2018-06-23/eid-festival-2018#acc-i-52898            From everyone at St Martin’s, ‘Eid Mubarak’. Have a blessed Eid.