Powering Transformation

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On 6 June 2018, a group of Year 8 students visited Imperial College, London to take part in Powering Transformation. This was an exciting one day programme, providing the opportunity for our girls to use the latest Dell technology in a creative and engaging setting.  To this end, students were invited to identify a local social issue they felt passionate about and explore ways to solve it.

Students worked in teams of five, where they were tasked with planning and recording an interesting and engaging presentation.  This needed to include an outline of the issue or problem, why it mattered to them and their proposed technological solution. Students were supervised by Imperial College Mentors who helped to support students in expressing their ideas and who also gave them a tour of the College campus.

At the end of the workshop, each team presented their ideas to their peers.  Congratulations to Iman, Sahara, Janna, Paula and Eva for their lively engagement throughout the day and being excellent ambassadors for St Martin's.