GCSE French Study Day

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On the 25th April 2018, a group of Year 10 students went to BFI SouthBank for a French Study Day. We watched 4 short films, with some intervals in between to answer any questions from the provided study pack, alongside any discussions about the films. After having eaten our lunch, we watched a French movie titled “Les Intouchables”. 

We found the story very touching, and enjoyed the day very much overall.

Plot – By Alvyna and Joyce

The French film “Les Intouchables” is situated in Paris, France. It displays two characters who contrast completely coming together to realise that they need one another. Despite the common expectations of a man(Philippe) living with a lot of money to his name, we come to explore a man, who happens to be facing many limits to life due to a health condition, and his will to live freely. Driss, on the other hand, has to tackle the issues within his family life as well as being an immigrant in a foreign country. The director shows how he struggles to get a decent job due to his unfortunate background. Together, they live a life in ways they would have never lived it before. Driss learns to be more polite and pragmatic whereas Philippe learns that he can live as he wants to, despite his disability. Their time spent with one another proves to be beneficial to both of them and as viewers, we can take away from the story that we must not make hasty assumptions about people, as odd combinations can result in long lasting friendships.

Themes: Race – Rasida  and Olamide

One of the themes of the film is race. This theme is emphasised throughout the movie due to the fact that the main character of colour cannot find a job, whereas the main white character is very well off and lives a privileged life. Despite obvious social background differences, the pair found each other and became better friends that they had hoped.

Although Driss sets out to help Phillipe, they both benefit  from the friendship they have in various ways. This sends a message to the audience that it is what is on the inside that makes you who you are.

Reasons why we recommend the movie – Luna and Maadwoa

It shows how two people from completely different backgrounds and race can come together to establish a beautiful friendship. It is the type of movie you cannot stop talking about because of the themes and morals surrounding it i.e immigration, social class and status, gangs, and employment. The fact that it is based on a true story emphasises how different people are viewed in society and how more should be done to make them feel welcome.

In relation to our GCSE – By Sunya  and Madalena

Our experience at BFI introduced us to cinematical language, and how France faces immigration and ethical issues like racism. This will help us with our French GCSE course by providing us with more opinions on the topic.