Head Girl election

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Who will be our Head Girl 2018-2019?

It's the time in the year when we turn our attention to choosing our Student Leadership Team from the Year 11 Prefects. It is an opportunity for all staff and students to vote for who they would like to represent St Martin's as Head Girl.

There were seven candidates this year, all of whom are worthy of being our Head Girl. But only one will be chosen and we will announce the result next Monday (1 October 2018). There is a gruelling process that the students go through which includes an application and personal statement; a two minute presentation to the staff and student body in a special assembly; a staff/student ballot; and an interview with the Headteacher and the 2017-2018 Head Girl. 

We want to congratulate all Prefects who put themselves forward for the coveted position of Head Girl. To work alongside the Head Girl we will have two Deputies and one Assistant.