Mandarin at St Martin's

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Nǐ hǎo. We had our official launch for becoming a Mandarin teaching site on Thursday 11 October 2018. We sold 120 tickets and could have sold half as many again! The evening comprised of spectacular performances from dancers, musicians and acrobats who had come all the way from China to be with us. The performances were full of colour and style and there were some gripping moments from the acrobats!  Students, families, friends and staff watched the performances whilst eating a tasty, mouthwatering Chinese buffet including rice, sweet and sour chicken, noodles, prawn crackers a vegetarian option, and to finish off, we had Chinese sweets and fortune cookies. We are grateful to the Confucius Institute for enabling us to have the opportunity to teach Mandarin at St Martin's. The students in Years 7,8 and 9 are very much enjoying learning the language, as are the students in the sixth form. Thank you to the parents who are part of our Parent Partnership Group who supported this event in so many ways. It could not have been done without you. Xiè xie.