Year 8 at Deutsche Bank

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On the 9th of October, a group of students in Year 8 had the opportunity to visit Deutsche Bank in Central London, where they had the chance of learning what a professional worker would do on a day to day basis, answering questions, seeing how they interact with the clients and how they have to adapt to the obstacles they face during the day.

The students were very eager to learn about their future role and enjoyed meeting professional workers at the bank.

As well as that, the students were able to learn more about Deutsche Bank, for example, Deutsche Bank has more than 78,000 employees in over 70 countries worldwide!

During a discussion with some of the bank employees, students were amazed to find out what they would do on a normal day of work such as the time they arrive and leave, what their role is at the bank and how they feel about their job.

Asked about this trip, Aya, Year 8 student, said:

"Going to Deutsche Bank has really helped me to understand more about careers in a bank and how most of the jobs are not even related to maths or financial businesses.  It helped me realise that there is more than just the front desk and investments, in fact there is a whole team behind the scenes that work together to improve and hold the bank together.

I was really excited to meet the people who worked there and to learn what they do in their different jobs. When I asked a few of the employees what type of degree does a person in your position need, I was really shocked. I always thought you would need a business or maths degree and I would have never imagined that a lot of the bank employees had many types of degrees in law, computer science, history, languages, etc.

Another thing that I learned is that everyone is sociable and they get to meet a lot of new people, which is called networking. The people who worked there said that no one sits in a cubicle for the whole day and that they really enjoy working for the bank.  A lot of them get to travel abroad to Japan, India, Germany and all the 58 other countries that the bank is in partnership with. 

I, personally enjoyed the trip and really enjoyed interviewing the workers since I got to discover the different parts of the bank."