Measure for Measure

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At the beginning of November, the Year 10 GCSE Drama group took part in a workshop focusing on Shakespeare's play, Measure for Measure.  The workshop helped to illuminate the students’ understanding of the play’s political context and encouraged them to explore their own definitions of ‘justice’.

This was followed, a few days later,  by a trip to Donmar Warehouse where they were joined by the Year 13 Literature class.  Students enjoyed the live performance of Measure for Measure and were particularly enamoured with Josie Rourke’s choice of transitions, and the juxtaposition of the two interpretations (one set in 1604, the other in 2018) within one production.  The trip was the perfect opportunity for GCSE Drama students to explore and experience a range of texts and live performances as well as deepening the Year 13 students’ understanding of the key issues and themes within William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

Keziah (Year 13 student) commented, 'I really enjoyed seeing the different perspectives, it was an enlightening experience and the second half allowed us to peer into the problems we're facing in current society.'

Students would like to thank Ms Huggins, Ms Braja and Mrs Ferguson for making this trip possible.