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We were thrilled to have been given 15 tickets to attend the Michelle Obama event at the Festival Hall on Monday 3 December 2018.  The girls said 'Michelle Obama was inspirational.' The sentiment in the comments from some of our students makes is clear that it was a special night, and one to remember…

Luna (Head Girl) writes, "Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of attending the ‘Becoming Michelle Obama event at London Southbank. The evening started with a brilliant choir L.I.G. who sang beautifully. Then it was time for the main event; Michelle Obama was interviewed by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The interview was all we had hoped for and we especially appreciated her consistent message of “working hard”, “having a voice” and her most powerful sentence “I like me”.

Adewunmi said, “I have taken so much from the presentation, the bit that resonates with me was when Michelle Obama said "I like me". “We all need to like ourselves,” said Adewunmi, “we need to say it and believe it”.

Angel Brown added, “Listening to such an empowering black woman makes me feel so inspired and privileged. Hearing Michelle Obama’s story makes me believe that if she can make it so can all of us.”

Kathryn felt Mrs Obama’s life montage shown at the start of the interview was an inspiration of what we can become and Oreoluwa Olowalagba of 10T commented, “It was a great feeling to be a part of that inspirational event, ‘Becoming Michelle Obama’ last night”. My favourite message from her is that ‘A relationship is made of two whole people’ and that ‘Love cannot fix brokenness’.  These lines are a reminder that we have to “fix” and “love” ourselves and not expect others to do it for us".

Sunya Gogeer has the last word - “I felt very privileged to hear one of my biggest inspirations speak about empowerment; a topic I am very passionate about.  My favourite quotation from her is ‘I like me.’ It’s really important for girls to hear that message so that they don’t rely on boys in particular, to like them.”