Gifts for the Homeless

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During this season of Advent, we are thinking of others. We pray for the sick, and those who are vulnerable. Those who are poor and destitute. As a school we have collected items of clothing for the homeless and a group of post-16 students visited a homeless shelter to share our gifts.   We will also be fundraising and this will be donated to charities helping the homeless.  Thank you to everyone at St Martin's for your generosity and support.

With their munificent manner and zeal to serve and aid others, Year 12 and Year 13 students hand delivered the school's contribution of winter wear to a local organisation on Thursday 13th December. Subsequently the students went on to run the drop in session for the day by way of sorting and organising sleeping packs; being a source of encouragement via their discussions with the attendees; as well as prepping and serving food and refreshments to those in need.  Students were grateful they had the opportunity to embody and witness the school's values of Service, Compassion, Justice and unequivocally Perseverance.

Rhea Year 12 said, “It was an eye opener in terms of how much I/we take for granted. It was lovely to see everyone's smiling faces and how grateful they were for a hot meal and fresh clothes. I would love to go back and continue carrying out acts of service.”

Courtney Year 12 expressed, “It was very emotional; I was not able to hold back my tears at some of the stories shared with me by the people. It was a very good experience. I just excited to do it again. I now feel like I can make a difference.”

Ophelia Year 13 stated, "I really enjoyed the experience of placing myself in the position of those people who are in such difficult circumstances. It was humbling and made me feel grateful for everything that I have."

Peace Year 12 added, “I was really moved by the whole experience. If I’m honest, I had my own preconceived ideas about the homeless and their circumstances that led to it. Speaking and helping them changed my preconceived notions. The lessons learned were so positive.”