TfL Stars Travel Award

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At St Martin's, we are working towards our TfL STARS travel award.  Along with schools from across London, our School Travel Ambassadors were invited up to Transport for London headquarters for a training day to kick-start their project, Active Travel.  They adopted #WalkTheTalk as their slogan, created a timeline for the delivery of the project and pitched their ideas for activities we can do at school to promote active travel to a panel of experts.  The panel praised their slogan and their imaginative plans.  Our Youth Travel Ambassadors are now busy planning their launch assembly and how best to spend their £250 budget.  Days like this are a great opportunity to learn from professionals in the field of transport.

Reflecting on the event, Victoria in Year 7 said, "Being a travel ambassador means I can keep the community's environment clean."  Blessing in Year 8 added, "To me being a travel ambassador means that I am a leader and could potentially find a job in leadership. I also think it means to help shape the future and the world to make it more active and a better place environmentally. "

Look out for exciting projects coming up later this term and learn ways that you can take part in clean and healthy active travel.