Prayer Space 2020

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“I like Prayer Space because it is a peaceful place where you can forgive and reflect.  Thank you for making it possible.”  Rihanna, Year 9

This week we have been doing a lot of praying in the Prayer Space. The school chapel has been filled with creative prayer stations and classes invited in to pray for the world, for the environment, for their loved ones and for themselves. We are so thankful for the Parent Partnership and volunteers from churches in the community for working with our school chaplain to put on this very special week.

There have been opportunities to talk, to listen, to think and to reflect. We have had a chance to say thank you for the good things in our lives and say sorry for the things we could have done better. We made a fantastic ‘Prayer Quilt’ full of our prayers for Zimbabwe, our focus country for this season of Lent.  We have expressed our thoughts creatively in drawing, writing and making.

“Prayer Space has given me peace and joy, and I have learned other ways God speaks to us.” Year 7 student