Together in spirit

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“Even though I am not physically present, I am with you in spirit.”  I Corinthians 5:3

Over the past weeks, when most of our school community have been at home, and St Martin in-the-Fields has looked more like St Martin's in-the-living room, or in-the-kitchen, we are finding new ways to be together. As school chaplain, my question has been ‘How do we continue to worship and care for each other when we are scattered and far apart?’ I have been encouraged by the example of St Paul, who also had to teach and care for his fellow Christians from a distance. He wrote letters full of wisdom and instruction, and the staff at St Martin's send emails, letters, phone calls and sometimes even a video. 

I am missing being present with our fantastic students, but here at my desk at home I can send words of encouragement by email. I also send out our ‘Thought for the Day’ presentation every day, with a positive act to keep us inspired, some verses from the Bible and a prayer for our students, families and community. Our progress leaders send out a collective worship presentation to their year groups each week, as well as words of wisdom, riddles, challenges and lots of other ways to help us feel together in spirit. And of course we have our Simply the Best bulletin to share our excellent learning.

St Paul did sometimes get an occasional visit to his churches - and as staff we are taking turns to go in to teach the students still coming in to school - and one thing that has struck me is just how beautiful our school and its grounds are. Here are some photos of the beautiful flowers blooming at school and the outdoor artwork created by the girls here in school. St Martin's may look and feel a bit unusual at this time, but we are united in spirit, under God’s care, and we are still growing in love and learning every day.

May God bless and keep you, today and always,

Mrs Moorey