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Presently the students at St. Martinís have been given the opportunity to have one-to-one Careers interviews with an external adviser. This takes place on Mondays.

Year 11, 12 and 13 have already had their Careers interviews.  Year 9 and Year 10 interviews take place during Term 4. 

Careers opportunities have now been embedded into the new Year 7 and Year 8 PSCHE programme.

Other Activities

  • A group of Year 9 students visited a recent Careers Fair
  • Personnel from the Lambeth Careers Department helped to facilitate in the Year 9 drop down sessions
  • A group of Year 8 students were selected to attend an engineering presentation
  • Work Placements for at least 16 students will be organised with the Lambeth Careers Department and the Work Related Department of SMartinís.

The Careers Office continues to meet and be proactive with different students on a daily basis by providing advice and other means of support.


Mr Blake
Careers Department

Careers Event - Monday 7 July 2017
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