All students are expected to do homework.  At St Martin's, we use Show My Homework (SMHW), a simple way to check what homework has been set. You can log in and check what work is required and when it is due.   This service will help you keep up to date with your daughter's  progress in an easy to use manner and will have useful resources attached.

How can I check my daughter's homework?

Please go to Show My Homework.

Why are students expected to do homework?

Homework helps each girl to make the most of her studies.  It gives an opportunity for her to make sure of the work covered in class and so to gain confidence. It also means that she can study in more depth than is possible in limited class time.  It is important that good study habits are formed in the lower school so that the girls are well prepared for the demands of GCSE coursework in Years 10 and 11.  Girls will, therefore, be expected to complete coursework throughout KS3 and meet deadlines.

How much homework is set? 

Separate lists for each Year give the approximate amount of homework which is set per week in each subject.  Please note that these times are only a rough guide.  Sometimes homework will not be set, if the topic being studied does not need it.  Each form has its own homework timetable attached to this policy.  Teachers often allow more than one day for doing homework, so girls should be able to spread their work and avoid any excessive amount on any one evening.

What kind of work is set for homework?

Homework is always directly relevant to the topics being covered in class.  It may be:

  • practice of newly acquired skills;
  • learning  (facts in many subjects; new words in languages);
  • finding our new information and encourage research techniques;
  • reading in most subjects;
  • creative and descriptive writing (e.g. English);
  • writing about practical work done in class (e.g. Science, Technology);
  • a practical task;
  • completing work started in class.

The subjects given in brackets are only examples; other subjects may use each kind of homework.  Homework may also be a project or coursework which often takes more than one week, and includes many of the different types of work listed above.