My name is Esther Moorey, I am very proud to be the Chaplain at St Martin-in-the-Fields High school for Girls. As Chaplain, it is my role to lead the spiritual life of the school. I am here to serve all the members of our school community by offering encouragement, support and guidance. Being a Church of England School is special. We welcome students of all faiths and none, and with love and learning, we work together to build a peaceful and successful place where all can flourish, spiritually and academically.

Promoting and nurturing the Christian ethos of St Martin's is my privilege, whether that is through organising collective worship, individual mentoring, or simply stopping for a chat with the students at lunchtime. In all we do we seek to show God's care for our students. We value, respect and celebrate all faiths and cultures because we are inspired by a welcoming and inclusive God who makes time and space for everyone.

Whole school collective worship takes place twice a week as a whole school, where we pray, learn from the Bible, enjoy singing hymns led by staff and student groups and consider how we can live out our school values of service, compassion, justice and perseverance. Collective worship also happens in year groups and form times, where students can go deeper into exploring subjects that matter to them, and where the care of the smaller group promotes the individual well-being of each student. The starting point for all our worship is the chance for everyone to hear the Gospels, the stories of Jesus and his key teachings and learn and worship in the name of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We organise services to celebrate special occasions and seasons, so that all of our students can experience worshipping in a Church of England church, this includes our very special Eucharist services that take place at least three times a year.  We are proud of our link with St Martin-in-the-Fields church in central London and the Priest who is also the Vice Chair of Governors, Dr. Rev. Sam Wells, leads our special St Martin's Day and Founders Day services.  

St Martin's has established a new Chapel in the heart of the school, to be a place of peace, prayer and reflection where all can come and develop their faith. The chapel is used for groups like Christian Union, as well as for services and lessons. We encourage our students to put our school values into practice, and give them opportunities to serve others and show compassion through charity activities at different times of the year.

The best thing about being Chaplain here at St Martin's is our fantastic students. It is wonderful to see them grow in confidence, to experience their joyfulness and to offer them a place where they can embed Christian values which will serve them well as they go out from here to the wider world.

Esther Moorey is Lay Chaplain. She comes to St Martin's with a background in primary teaching, and actively serves in the ministry team at her parish church.