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Students evidence they have character to succeed

On May 2, St. Martin's 6th Form students took part in Envision’s Community-Apprentice programme. Students teams presented to a panel of judges, demonstrating how their social action projects made an impact in their local communities.

Our teams worked really hard since September, researching problems, identifying issues and planning what to do about them. They are now able to reflect on what they have achieved and the impact the experience has had on themselves and others.

Taking action to benefit others

Team Vitality ran a project promoting good mental health. The group publicised and ran a series of self-care and wellbeing workshops in their school with regular attendance.

Team SSA focused on raising awareness of healthy relationships and abuse. They did this by running a social experiment to prove how we negatively perceive victims of abuse. In addition, they ran three interactive workshops to promote what is considered a health relationship.

The two teams faced off against one another, with Team Vitality making it through to the semi-final at Charles Russell Speechly’s law firm. The team put in a stellar performance with the judges impressed by the passion they showed. Unfortunately, up against stiff competition the team did not make it through to the final. Despite this, the team and the whole school can be extremely proud of their efforts. 

Regardless of the results in the competition, it is clear that our students thoroughly enjoyed this experience, made a huge difference in their community and learnt a lot from it both individually and as part of their teams.