Year 7 Induction Day

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The incoming year 7 Induction Day was well attended and the students really enjoyed their first taste of being a St Martin's girl!  The new students were supported by current girls from Years 7 to 9 and also by our sixth formers.

The theme for the day was CHANGE.  It began with an assembly by the Headteacher, Mrs Stanislaus, and eight Year 6 volunteers, Emily, Gabriela, Jazmine, Shantel, Ikram, Faith, Kyran, Glory, and Rianna. Students held up the word CHANGE and shared a sentence that helped everyone to think about how change should be looked upon as a good thing, even though it can sometimes be difficult. Three Year 6 volunteers demonstrated change by mixing blue and yellow paint to create green. This showed us how change is positive, creating something new and different.  We produced an acrostic with the word CHANGE. 

                                    Comes all the time

                                    Happens to us all

                                    Amazing things can happen

                                    Nothing stays the same

                                    Great times lie ahead


The outcome from the mixed paint demonstration was used to form the backdrop of our certificates and book marks which were presented to our new Year 7 students at the end of the day.  Students commented on the positive experience they had during the day. These are a few quotes from our new Year 7.

"I had a great day and science was amazing" Blessing

"It was really fun today. I made new friends and I felt very welcome" Kayran

"Everyone was helpful and kind. I am looking forward to coming here in September" Sheniyah

"Coming today to St Martin's was really fun. It has made me feel very keen in coming here in September" Sherel