School Re-opening

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with Saturday events as planned

Dear families,

The electrical works at school have been ongoing. Last night from 10.00pm until 5.30am this morning, EDF were working on the main electrical cable to the school. They had to do some substantial digging at the side of the school to rewire a cable to the main box. This aspect of the work was completed, safety checked and verified, ready for our own electrician to do the internal works. The electrical work was completed today at 4.30pm. The power is back on and we are ready to be back to normal for Monday 14th November. 

Can I remind you once again that we have a staff training day tomorrow so school will remain closed (Friday 11th November 2016).

If your daughter has a Saturday class (12th November) this will be running as normal. She may be coming in for Mandarin, mathematics or to support the year 6 test day. All of these events will take place. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing your daughter on Monday morning ready for registration at 8.30am.

Once again, on behalf of the school, I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, but under the circumstances, having no power meant we had no alternative but to close the school. 

Yours sincerely

Beverley Stanislaus


Dear families,

Further to my earlier letter. We have had the engineers in school to assess the electrical fault. They have assessed the work that is required and unfortunately, it cannot be done in time to open the school tomorrow.

I have discussed this with the Chair of Governors and we have decided that we will have no option but to close the school tomorrow.  We have no power in the main building and we have considered the health and safety of all students and staff with our risk assessment.  As we have no power, our phone system is also down.  The problem should be rectified by the end of tomorrow or by Friday and we will be back to normal for Monday.

Please remember that we have a staff training day on Friday for which you had already been notified. This training is for all staff and is taking place at one of the schools that we collaborate with for our 6th form.I apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused.

Yours sincerely

Beverley Stanislaus


Dear Families

The school had to be evacuated this afternoon at 2.45 due to an electrical fault. Students, starting with sixth form and year 11, were dismissed from 3.05 pm. 

The youngest students were dismissed last, as close as possible to normal home time. The fire services ensured the safety of the electrical area and we are now awaiting the arrival of engineers from our electricity suppliers. 

At present, the main school building has no power so please do not call the school this evening as the telephone system is disabled. 

Once engineers have been in, I will update you. Please continue to look at the website for further updates. I am pleased to say the students behaved very maturely and sensibly during the evacuation and we were praised by the fire services. 

Yours sincerely, 

Beverley Stanislaus