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As you may know the Global Pandemic and Brexit are having an impact. Shipping shortages, importing difficulties, and workforce shortages could result in  manufacturers' and suppliers' delivery schedules for products arriving at retailers later than planned.  School Uniform Direct have been forward planning for over 8 months, however, may not be completely protected from any delays. 

They are pleased to report that so far they have not had any major setbacks, just some delivery schedules being extended by a few weeks - which they had factored into their planning. However, they are now getting a little more concerned as we approach the holidays that their avenue to communicate to parents will be limited. 

They have asked us to send you a letter that outlines the necessity to go directly to their store to purchase uniform and to do this by the end of July. This will help them to arrange for stock shortages and divert stock where required, with enough time. 

Please click HERE to read the letter from School Uniform Direct.