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Visit of Mike Haines: Global Acts of Unity

Mike Haines, the brother of a Scottish aid worker murdered by so-called Islamic State terrorists says he does not "hate" his killers.  David Haines was killed on 13th September 2014 after being captured and held hostage by terrorists in Syria.  His brother Mike has dedicated his time to campaigning for religious tolerance and understanding and has set up his own Global Acts of Unity campaign, including visiting schools up and down the country. We were honoured and humbled to have him visit St Martin's on 20th March 2017.

Mike gave a heart wrenching and emotional presentation that depicted growing up with his brother David. He talked about David's dedication to help others in need and what he did as a British aid worker in Syria.  The audience of teachers, Year 9, 10 and 6th form students applauded Mike Haines as a sign of honour and respect, when with a trembling voice, he told of how he was finally given news that he was dreading, that his kidnapped brother was brutally murdered and that he would have to inform his elderly parents that their son was gone. The kidnapping and subsequent murder by Islamic State terrorists of Aid worker David Haines, from Perth, was an act of terror that sent shockwaves around the world.  Staff and students were emotional and moved to tears listening to Mike's story and paid tribute to him with a long rapturous applause when he concluded his presentation.

We end this article with the words from Mike Haines taken from the newspaper, the Courier, March 2017.

 "I can't do anything to bring my brother back, I wish I could. So I try to stand by those values that my mother and father gave to David and I when we were kids: A belief in multiculturalism and multifaith".

"No matter who we are, we all have our right to our own beliefs, our own society and of course our heritages. Now the time has come to unite our voices against the voices of hatred and drown them out."

Thank you Mike most sincerely for your visit and for your dedication to global unity. 

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