Girls Can Do It

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A group of Year 10 Business GCSE students entered a UK challenge to design the best possible workspace for a large organisation. This competition was organised by the "Chartered Institute of Building" and was open to both secondary school and university students.  The judges selected four finalists, which included two groups from St. Martin's.  In the end we came Second but were only narrowly beaten.  This represents a major achievement for our Business students as they beat several top university students.

Judges were surprised at their ages and could not believe their level of confidence when responding to their questions. The main judge was one of the designers of the Shard who was stunned by the creativity of our students.

Girls into Construction

by Zoha Rehman 8A

A little while ago a group of Year 8s took part in the "Girls into Construction" project. The aim of this project was to promote careers in construction for girls. As a result, we learnt about many roles in the construction world.

However, what we were asked to do was to create a design for a building. We then split into a few groups and began working on our ideas.  Along the way we had lots of help from staff from Keltbray who gave ideas and helped develop our plans.

Once we had our ideas sorted and given each other roles, we went to London to visit "Sky Garden".  There we were faced with another school who also had a building idea.

When we arrived, we began creating a model of our building.  Our school had three teams while the other school had one so, because of that, the judges had to choose the best one from our school to stand against the other school. My group was lucky enough to be chosen.  Whilst we were happy that we had made it through to the final, we still had to prepare our pitch which we had to present to a panel judges.

The two groups from our school who didn't go through helped us prepare for the pitch which was scary but exciting.

Once the other school had finished, it was our turn.  I lead my group, first presenting the model.  We talked about our building and the effects it would give. After we had finished talking, the judges asked us some questions which we answered as a team.

After we had finished, we went to sit back down with our school and waited while the judges decided who won. It was very nerve racking to hear who won but when we did, we found out that it was not us.  Despite being a bit sad and gutted, we were glad for the other school.  We congratulated them as we always knew that we have next year.