Lab in a Lorry

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This afternoon, Year 10 and Year 9 students had the opportunity to welcome Lab in a Lorry to St Martin's.  Lab in a Lorry is an interactive mobile science laboratory staffed by practising scientists and engineers which gives young people aged 11-14 the opportunity to do experimental science in the way it actually happens: exploratory, accidental, informed by curiosity and intuition, but also bounded and guided by the experience and insight of practising scientists.

The lorry was provided by Kingston university, staffed by STEM ambassadors An outreach programme to encourage students to take up STEM subjects at university; leading to STEM careers.

Activities included  pupils using blood pressure monitors to find out whether their blood pressure is too high or low, Exploring the digestive system and luminescence microbiology, where bacteria were made visible by the detection of light generated by enzyme-mediated reactions. Pupils were then given pictures of the the 'lit-up' microbes as souvenirs.