Share a Pencil Day

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Share a Pencil Day

Students at St Martin's took part in the first ever national Share a Pencil Day on Wednesday 17 May 2017.  The aim of this event was to raise awareness of the 124 million children in the world who are missing out on an education across the globe and are without access to basic materials to learn.

Students were able to get involved in the following ways

  1. Buy a Hope Pencil for 20p

  2. Donate more than 20p and win a chance to receive a HOPE gift. 


  4. SHARE A PENCIL activity during the lesson. Find out how it feels to share a pencil.

  5. Students were able to do all of the above, some of the above or none of the above. But we did ask each student to reflect on, and appreciate how fortunate they are to have free education, unlimited resources and opportunities that millions of children across the globe can only dream of.

We are pleased that we raised £51.20 and the proceeds will go towards Hope's Bright Futures mission in partnership with Plan International UK. The funds will support the charity's education projects worldwide, which include transforming the lives of girls in Kamuli, Uganda; helping children in Pakistan get an education, and the training of 275 female teachers in Sierra Leone.

Quotes from students who took part in Share a pencil Day

I really appreciated that I am very fortunate to have access to so much and Share a Pencil Day is a perfect way to reflect on this.

It helped me to understand what life is like for others who are less fortunate than me.

Share a pencil day helped me to develop my sense of global responsibility

I understand that I can make a difference, even if it is small, if everyone does something the help will be enormous.

Taking part in share a pencil day demonstrated my commitment to our school values of service, compassion, justice and perseverance.