Lionheart Challenge

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The LionHeart Challenge is a Nationwide Enterprise Programme, acclaimed by Sir Howard Davies MBE (former Director of the LSE) and was chosen as a National Flagship by the National Learning & Skills Council for Enterprise. It involves students taking part in a high energy and high impact one-day Business Challenge which is delivered by highly skilled and dedicated Business Coaches.

Each Challenge day commences with the announcement of a cutting edge, highly technical economic theme. On receiving the Challenge theme, the 10-strong Year 10 student teams come together to develop a comprehensive Business Proposal with input from their Business Coach. All materials are provided by LionHeart. The Business Proposal must include: a full HR Solutions Plan for the team; a Product Solution which is based on the needs and wants of the target customers; a Financial Solution; and a full Marketing Solution. On completion of these tasks, the teams put together, practice and rehearse their Team Final Presentation which is then presented to a panel of judges as well as their peers. High-5, the winning team (pictured above), will go on to compete in the regional finals in the new year.

Year 10 student and member of High-5, Alvyna Bell writes: 

On the 14th of November. St Martin's Year 10s took part in the LionHeart Enterprise Challenge. The day consisted of a series of demanding tasks, many quite new to many of us.  However, as a year group, we proved ourselves more than capable. Having been assigned to teams, we were then required to select a citizen group in the community we wanted to focus on and explore issues they may face. We settled on ex-criminals. We discovered this to be a citizen group not often openly discussed about and  recognised that by tending to this group of people, we could lessen crime in the community to some extent and in turn, make it a safer place.  We called ourselves "High-5".

With our idea beginning to fall into place, we divided our group into those who would focus on marketing, presenting and finance.  The marketing group explored various social media platforms along with practical leaflets and posters. Those managing financial matters had the more challenging task of deciding how much to invest in equipment, revenue and everything as a whole.  This segment was especially foreign to the group, however with the help of the business coaches around us, we were able to successfully tackle the task.  Finally, those who dealt with launching our project had to write up a series of adverts and make the presentation to the judges. As frightening as public speaking may have seemed, those who presented on stage did so with utmost confidence and assertiveness.