Parental support

We value your role as parents in supporting your child through their level 3 courses, as their success will continue to depend on the care you provide. During the next 2 years we encourage you to stay proactive and have provided you with practical things you can do.

  1. Display their timetable so everyone is reminded about what lessons they have each day

  2. Create a 'silent study' area in the house to enable focused study

  3. Have regular open discussions about their reports and what they studied during their study periods

  4. Support them in putting together a revision timetable. Students ought to be studying 5 hours a week on each subject.

  5. Limit the amount of time spent on part-time jobs. Enrolling into our sixth still makes them a full time students and they need the time to dedicate to their studies

  6. Do not book holidays during term time and aim to attend universities on weekend where possible. is a useful site to use to find out about when they are. Poor attendance to lessons will have a negative impact on your child's success.