Journey to Success

At St Martin's Sixth Form, your journey to success will be paved with self-discovery.  Our aim is to ensure that you strive for excellence to fulfil your full potential and reach your ambition.  Whatever pathway you choose, we are here for you every step of the way, creating a tailored curriculum and experience that will ensure your success.

The decisions you make now will impact on what degree you can read and which universities will offer you a place. Our guidance in steps 1 to 4 will help you plan your progression from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5 and beyond.

  1. Choose a subject you enjoy and are enthusiastic about, not one someone else wants you to choose.
    You are more likely to succeed.

  2. If you know what degree or career you would like to pursue, find out if specific A Levels are required. For example, to become a doctor you will need to study Chemistry and Biology whilst if you wish to become an Architect you will need to study Maths, Physics or Chemistry along with a visual arts A Level. Please note, Lawyers and Accountants do not need to study law or accountancy at A Level (in fact universities discourage it strongly) so make sure you do your research.

  3. You have the opportunity to study new subjects such as Sociology, Psychology and Government and Politics. They are great subjects and exceptionally well taught in our Sixth Form with results in the top 5% of the country year on year. Nevertheless,  do some research about the courses and make sure they are really for you rather than choosing them simply because they are new.

  4. BTEC courses now have an exam component. It is important to look at the weighting or how you will be assessed.

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