Xpress Yourself Programme

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This year, ten Year 7 & 8 students took part in an 8 week wellbeing programme called ‘Xpress Yourself’, fostering self-expression, confidence and positive coping skills for managing emotions. The students had lots of fun, creating collective pieces of art and drama. They all felt connected by the end of the sessions and left with lots of practical skills that will help them to manage their emotions.

‘I gained confidence and it was fun’ - Eva (Year 8)

‘I have gained the ability to not think anything negative about myself. I would recommend the programme for others since I’ve learnt alot, I’m sure they will too’ - Geraldine (Year 7)

'I feel very good and proud’ - Eliora (Year 7)

'I have seen the pupil’s confidence really grow over the 8 weeks. They also grew closer as a group as they shared experiences and feelings.’ – Ms Rashid