Covid-19 home testing


On return to school in April, everyone over the age of eleven who lives, works or attends school in Lambeth should take a Covid-19 PCR test regardless of whether they have Covid-19 symptoms or not.  Anyone who has been vaccinated should still get tested.

Our school Asymptomatic Testing Site has been staffed with an experienced team of test operatives and this has been beneficial in ensuring  the testing programme runs smoothly and efficiently. We are halfway through testing students with consent. Once they have had three on-site tests, students will be given kits to test themselves at home, twice every week, 3-4 days apart. We will begin giving test kits out on Tuesday 16 March 2021.

Thank you for supporting us by giving your child consent to be regularly tested. We are pleased that so many students took part in this national testing programme and we thank you for helping us to keep our school community safe. 

If your child has not already taken part, we strongly encourage you to give your consent. Testing is voluntary and your child will be permitted to attend school even if they have not participated in the testing programme. 

Students will be given test kits. Either 2 packs containing 3 tests per pack or 1 pack containing 7 tests.  They will receive full instructions on how to take, process and report the test results.  The result of each test must be reported to the NHS test and trace self report website and to the school.  

To make this easier, you can report your results using the links below.

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