GCSE Results 2016

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We are proud of our girls and their hard work resulting in improved exam results compared to last year. We are pleased to report that despite the increased challenge which has been added to GCSE exams, the proportion of our girls who were awarded A*- C grades in English and Maths is 58%.  

We know that Maths and English are the most vital skills for economic and social mobility. However, we are pleased to report, that as a Church school our results for Religious Studies continue to be excellent. 80% of our girls were awarded A*- C grades with 28% at A*- A.

The new DfE benchmark for school performance is Progress 8 which measures the progress of students across 8 qualifying subjects. Many of our girls exceeded the Government expectations in the wide range of subjects. The estimated outcome for Progress 8 for St Martin's will be confirmed by the Government in November.  

It is reported that the national picture has seen a drop in results across the board. We are pleased, that at St Martin's, we have seen an improvement. This year's results demonstrate the commitment and determination of our girls. Individual achievements will open doors for them to take the next steps in their education and their future career paths.

Well done to all Year 11 for their achievement.  Special congratulations go to 21 girls each achieved over 9 GCSEs graded at A*/A.  

Notable and outstanding individual achievements came from the following 6 students:

Rebecca Joseph 10 GCSEs with 5 A* and 4 As
Huila Lopez Toledo 12 GCSEs with 4 A* and 4 As 
Luliyana Hashi 11 GCSEs with 4 A* and 6 As
Tiyana Robinson-Henriques 10 GCSEs with 2 A* and 6 As 
Hubab Nasir 10 GCSEs with 3 A* and 6 As
Emmanuella Amoakwa-Boadu 11 GCSEs with 2 A* and 6 As

I would like to acknowledge the work of staff and parents/carers who have worked tirelessly on this journey. Thank you for your hard work and support.

We wish all Year 11 students, those who are staying with us for 6th form and those who are going on to pastures new, every success in their future studies. Continue to keep close to you our school motto, CARITATE ET DISCIPLINA - WITH LOVE AND LEARNING.