TFL Greener Cities

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The Year 7 and 9 Travel Ambassadors have been taking part in a Transport for London (TfL) greener cities programme since September.  On Wednesday, they bid for funding to make London a greener, healthier city and won £150.  They originally bid for £90 but the judges were so impressed with their travel initiatives for the local community, they raised the prize money to £150.  There are currently fifty three students with a leadership role at St Martin's including our inspiring Youth Travel Ambassadors.

"The Youth Travel Ambassador programme, YTA, is a Leadership scheme ran by Transport for London. The shared goal of the scheme is to reduce the amount of people using their cars as a form of transport and for them to either use public transport or even better for commuters to walk or cycle to their destination.  It is proven that exercise can add to our general health and wellbeing and as Travel Ambassadors this is our primary goal." Aliya, Year 9 student.

Future events:

  • After the Easter Break, our Travel Ambassadors are holding a walking competition across two weeks, which students will be able to sign up to. They will record the amount of steps that each student takes and the winner will win an Amazon gift card.

  • After the Summer Half Term they will also be holding a 3-day bike workshop at St Martin’s in order to teach young people to ride bikes. By riding a bike, their aim is to make London a safer, healthier and greener place to live.