Hillsong concert

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All the way from Miami Florida, bringing his unique blend of music, energy and a positive message, St Martin’s was excited to say ‘welcome back’ to Reggie Dabbs. Reggie is a professional musician and motivational speaker who speaks to over a million young people around the world each year. He is here in the UK as part of the Hillsong School’s Project, organised by Hillsong Church UK - and he wants young people to know that they can encourage each other, persevere in doing the right thing and that God is there for each one of them.

This time we really loved dancing and singing along to our favourite songs, and loved listening to the live saxophone playing. There were some serious moments too as we thought about the people in our lives who support and care for us and were thankful to them. It was a brilliant assembly concert to start the school day, and gave us a lot of food for thought.

Thank you Reggie - we are big fans, we hope you come back soon!