Prayer Space 2019

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Prayer Space has returned to St Martin's for its third year. This week-long focus on creative prayer for the world, our community and ourselves has been really special, with staff and students taking time out from their busy days to have a moment of peace in the school chapel. Led by parents and a team of volunteers from local churches, working with our school chaplain, the prayer activities are inspired by the organisation Prayer Spaces for Schools. 

We have prayed for women and girls in countries where they face hardships such as HIV and child marriage; we have thought about what God might say to us by writing ‘Letters from God’; we have prayed for street children around the world by writing prayers on ‘Cardboard Box Homes’ and we have enjoyed choosing positive words to describe each other, such as ‘compassionate’, ‘joyful’ and ‘kind’.

Here are just a few of our prayers:

“Dear God, please help girls who can’t go to school in Africa, Amen.”

“Dear God, I pray everyone around the world gets clean water and food to eat, Amen.”

“Dear God, Thank you for my family and my friends. Help people that don’t have shelter or homes, give them hope and love, Amen”