Y10 Burberry workshop

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A group of Year 10 Business students recently visited Burberry’s headquarters in Westminster for a Leadership in Business workshop.  The students had the opportunity to meet Burberry staff, look at career paths within the brand and, more generally, became acquainted with Burberry as an organisation and the many roles within it.  The highlight of the workshop was the chance to design outerwear garments with the support of Burberry’s creative team and then, to create and present a runway show.  Watched by Burberry’s member of staff, they presented a Burberry perfume to each member of the winning team.

The students had a fantastic experience and learnt a great deal, not only about the brand and how a business operation works, but they were able to interact with staff and engage in a hands on project.  The staff at Burberry enjoyed working with the girls and were very impressed with their runway ideas and also their presentation skills.