Year 7 do Natural History

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Our Year 7 students recently went on a trip to the Natural History Museum Investigation Centre to find out how to become a scientist.  During the day, they had the opportunity to work like scientists by coming up with hypotheses based on observations.  Students were thus able to identify objects based on observations and information gathered from text books. 

Reflecting on their day, the students said:

'The science trip was extremely interesting due to the fact that we got to use scientific equipment to study the properties of our objects. The animal bones and ancient fossils were truly magnificent and fascinating to learn about.'

'The Natural History museum trip was a great way for me to put into practice a hypothesis. I liked looking at the different specimens and even enjoyed observing and guessing what they might be.'

'The thing that I enjoyed about the trip to The Natural History Museum was that we got to investigate real life fossils and other specimens.'