Polaris Lecture #3

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Our highly successful Polaris lectures continued with a lecture titled “Passion, Problem, Solution” delivered by Aimée Felone, and Marssaié Jordan, co-founder and creative director of 'Knights Of' respectively.  

Aimée and Marssaié discussed how they used their respective passions for books and graphic design and used this to address the lack of diversity and representation in publishing, specifically children’s publishing.  Aimée and Marssaié also touched upon the individual pathways they had taken on the journey to their current roles

Students were encouraged to think about and express the problems they wanted to address and how they might find the solutions to these problems through their own passions.  They left the lecture with a greater appreciation of the value of creativity and how it can be used in their everyday life and professional careers.

It was great to welcome back Marssaié Jordan, a former St Martin’s student, to inspire our girls with her achievements.

The Polaris Lecture Series gives our students the opportunity to participate in talks and lectures delivered by a variety of inspiring academics and professionals throughout the academic year.