Student wellbeing survey

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How do you feel being back at school?

We asked all of our students this question this week in our Student Wellbeing Survey. As you can imagine it is quite a different start to term, and at St Martins the wellbeing of all of our students is at the heart of everything we do, so we wanted to ensure that everyone’s voice was heard, and that each student feels that they are receiving the support they need to thrive in their return to school.

The most frequent answer was “Excited”, closely followed by “Happy”,  and there were some people who quite understandably felt a little nervous and overwhelmed. 

We also wanted to know what additional skills our students had picked up during the lockdown period, we discovered all kinds of talents; from baking to hairstyling, juggling to coding as well as singing, guitar playing and songwriting. What came across clearly was that our young people had taken the positives out of the difficult times and acted with great perseverance to keep up with school work as well as pursue creative interests.

The survey gave students a chance to express what they are looking forward to and what support they think will be helpful to them as we get up to full speed this term. Our Progress leaders, form tutors, subject teachers, School Chaplain and all staff are there to provide the right environment for each St Martin’s student to flourish in the year ahead. It feels great to have the school community together again and we look forward to seeing our students learn and grow this year.