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In the last year, “self-generated” child sexual abuse imagery has increased by 77% and is a third of all child sexual abuse material identified and removed from the internet. These included images of girls aged 11 to 13 whose abuse had been recorded via a webcam in a domestic setting.

To help prevent the creation of this type of abusive imagery, a campaign has been launched by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) backed by the Home Office and Microsoft. It aims to 

  • help raise awareness of this type of criminality among parents and carers of young teens, 
  • empower and educate girls aged 11 to 13+ to spot the techniques used by sexual predators and 
  • give them the knowledge to Block, Report, Tell someone they trust.

It is a national campaign running from Wednesday 21 April for six weeks. You can find out more on the IWF website.

If you are a parent or carer, it is time to T.A.L.K.

  • Talk to your child about online sexual abuse. 
  • Agree ground rules about the way you use technology as a family.
  • Learn about the platforms and apps your child loves. 
  • Take an interest in their online life.

For more resources, click here.

If you or a friend have been contacted online by adults who try to manipulate or groom and sexually exploit you, it is time to BLOCK. REPORT. TELL SOMEONE YOU TRUST.  For more resources and support, click here.