Thanksgiving and Farewell

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We said goodbye to our Headteacher, Mrs Stanislaus, with a beautiful outdoor Thanksgiving Service.  The service included readings, poems, prayers and music which were led by students and members of staff and other adults who had a long standing relationship with Mrs Stanislaus. 

Mrs Stanislaus said, “As I approached this week I reflected more and more on my time here at St Martin’s and my strong belief that it was God’s plan that brought me here to serve as Headteacher.“  Reading from God’s Word in First Timothy Chapter 1 verse 12 ‘I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing me to his service.’  Thank you for Jesus who has strengthened me, led me, and empowered me to serve, to serve as your Headteacher for 6 wonderful years.“

The service was also attended by family members of Mrs Stanislaus; this was a surprise to her as she did not know they were coming!  The service ended with a special afternoon tea and a celebratory toast to our wonderful Headteacher who will be missed.  

You can read Mrs Stanislaus’ goodbye letter HERE.  Mrs Stanislaus, we say goodbye and wish you a very happy retirement.  With love and prayers from the community of St Martin's.

Mrs Stanislaus also attended a reception with the Mayor of Lambeth and other Lambeth Headteachers who were retiring. You can access the article HERE

The Borough of Lambeth was also saying goodbye after many years of service to the local community with a very special rainbow!