Prayer Spaces 2022

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During Lent this year we were thrilled that Prayer Space could make a return to St Martin's.  It is a really important part of our preparations for Easter, and a cherished aspect of school life.  As a Church of England secondary school, St Martin’s welcomes students of all faiths and none, so this week was an opportunity for everyone to reflect and pray - both individually and as a community. 

The school chapel was filled with interactive prayer stations - ranging from prayers for the world: for the climate crisis, for homeless and displaced people, for lonely and older people in our community to prayers for ourselves: giving thanks for the good things we enjoy and asking for God’s help when we face challenges. 

Mrs Moorey, our school chaplain, said “I love inviting everyone into the chapel, seeing how each student participates, has a few moments of quietness and peace and a chance to connect with God in their own way. The Prayer Space is a profoundly joyful place to be.”