Action Jackson!

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International motivational speaker and UK Ambassador for Happiness, Action Jackson, visited St Martin's to inspire us all with a message of positivity and empowerment.  Joined by his colleague Riana Price, together the pair from Fix-up academy shared their intention to inspire students to be young people who wake up happy and go to bed fulfilled.

Riana told us her story of how she struggled in school, had low self esteem and difficult behaviour, how she failed her GCSE mocks - and then how she found the determination and courage to turn herself around within 3 months - passing her exams and going onto university, and now to being a motivational speaker.

We were all uplifted by Action Jackson’s infectious joy, vibrant energy and belief that: “I am good enough, I am have a purpose, I am here to make a mark.” 


We learnt these powerful song lyrics that we hope will keep us buzzing as we go through the rest of our week!  We look forward to seeing Action Jackson back at St Martin's soon.