Careers in the City

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On Tuesday 28th June, ten Year 9 students were granted the fantastic opportunity to go a City of London Careers Day at Paul Hastings, as part of the London Careers Festival programme. They were excited to say that they enjoyed the law firm experience, learning about the different jobs and roles in a law firm, studying cases, the lectures, and tours of which some were also told they could go there for work experience! This is what some Year 9 students had to say:

‘It broadened my understanding of the jobs available in law,. I really enjoyed it. It was really fun.’

‘I enjoyed my day there. I felt inspired listening to the different people talk about their jobs and roles which contribute to them as a whole person as well as listening to their individual pathway to working at Paul Hastings.’

When asked about the words of encouragement and advice they were given, some students said: 

‘They told us to believe in ourselves.’ 

‘We were told to never give up’ 

‘The speaker told us that we should try our hardest’ 

It was an enjoyable experience of which hopefully next year students have this amazing opportunity to visit Paul Hastings again! Thanks Paul Hastings!