Sixth Form life

Student Voice

"Sixth Formers have lots of opportunities to make a mark, let their voice be heard."   Keana Aitcheson, Sixth Form Ambassador 2014/15 

"The Sixth Form is like a family where both staff and students are willing to support and help you."  Sosina Binyam, Sixth Form President 2014/15

"There are many different opportunities that St Martin's are able to offer students which help them develop new skills.  The Duke of Edinburgh award was brilliant fun and taught me so much." Lillian Hassan, Sixth Form Ambassador 2013/14 

"Being in the Sixth form taught me how to think outside the box.  Public speaking training, visits to the British Library and TED talks all focused us on how to find out more about the world in which we live."  Kamesha Adamson, Sixth Form Ambassador 2013/14, reading English Literature at Southampton University 

"St Martin's provides students with so many activities outside school which allows them to network and broaden their career choices.  Everyone goes on Work Experience and some students even get paid summer placements!" A'Isha Bounouar, reading Illustration at Kingston University

Work Experience

A'isha Bounouar, 13IB writes about her work experience:

"It's not every day you get an opportunity to work with a renowned magazine. So when I was asked to assist backstage in a pageant, I jumped at the chance.

When my name was put forward to start a week's worth internship for Asiana Magazine. (It was an honour) I didn't realise how huge an opportunity this was at the time. I took some time out to research "" and found out a few facts that blew my mind; they are an internationally known Asian magazine for bridal wear, fashion and beauty.

The pageant consists of 15 contestants from a variety of Asian countries aged between 18 - 26.  All competing for Miss Asiana Beauty Pageant 2014. I spent most of my time, assisting the make-up artist, hair stylist and dressing my allocated model (who represented Sri Lanka). After several rehearsals the intensity started when we came live on air and had to work within a tight schedule. Ensuring models were ready to walk the catwalk on time. It was an amazing night which consists of DJs, live singers, talks from Bollywood actors and actresses (meeting them in person) and working closely alongside the chief editor and fashion stylist of the magazine.

One thing I learnt during this event is that no matter how pretty and superficial the models appear on the outside, when you get to know them. They are all beautiful, humble and well educated young women. It will certainly be an experience I will never forget!

I would like to take this time to thank Ms Bajer and my enterprise teachers (Mr Faul and Mr Watson) for making this internship possible."


Jasmine Zeinalabdin did her work experience with Allenand Overy.  She writes:

"During the first week of July I undertook a work experience scheme at one of the top lawyer firms Allen and Overy.  

On my first day I went to the office nervous and worried that I wouldn't be able to fit in within the environment.  However as the days went by I was able to gain confidence especially through making new friends and gaining numerous skills.  

Throughout the work experience I gained and develop numerous skills which I will be able to use further on in the future. These skills enabled me to do things that I wouldn't imagine myself doing. For example I get scared when I present or talk in front of a bunch of people. Now I am able to talk/ present in front of a bunch of people as my communication and presentation skills have enabled me to do this.  

I also had the opportunity to meet people who work at Allen and Overy through a networking session. Before this session I took part in a presentation skills workshop. This prepared me for the networking sessions as I was able to present myself well through my body language, gestures and the structure of my sentences. The networking session enabled me to interact with numerous people who work in different sectors within the business. I learnt that within a lawyer firm there are different job roles instead of just lawyers.  

Some of the other actives I undertook within the Smart Start work experience include:

  • A mock trail; this was where there was a real case study of a murder/manslaughter case. I had to act as a lawyer defending the client who murdered, showing that he acted upon necessity.
  • A negotiation business deal; this consisted of a group of lawyers including myself representing a client. I had to negiotiate to a panel that my client is the best buyer for the football team that was up for grabs!  

Overall the Smart Start work experience has given me a wider understanding of working in the city. It has also allowed me to explore different types of job roles in the city as I am able to see myself in the future having a career in the city.  This has been by far a privilege for me and a memorable experience. "


All Sixth Form students will be given opportunities to take part in the Enrichment programme of Creativity, Activity and Service.  Many activities will take place on Wednesday afternoon, when the timetable is left free for this, but some activities will require a commitment outside this time, especially if you are involved in community service. 

This year we have included the following clubs, societies and sports: 

  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Trampolining
  • Handball
  • Badminton
  • Netball
  • Football (boys, girls and mixed)
  • Tennis
  • Debating Society
  • Film
  • DIY
  • Street Dance
  • Physical Activity at the Brixton Rec
  • Culture Club
  • Year 7 Reading support
  • Envision
  • Gospel Choir
  • Tutor Mentoring
  • Sports Leadership
  • Duke of Edinburgh 

We believe that through participation in C.A.S activities you will learn vital skills such as team work and leadership, develop your gifts and talents, and grow into a mature adult ready to contribute to society, all while having a great time.

Apart from Wednesday afternoon enrichment activities, students are also encouraged to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme; there is a debating society and a book club.  Other societies come and go - could you help set one up?  And some students give time as literacy and maths mentors with Year 7s at St Martin's. 

Near the end of the summer term in Year 12 will be Work Experience and Activities Weeks, when a range of trips, activities and workshops will be organised.  Students should start working on arranging their own work-experience for the first week in support of their university applications. 

St Martin's Sixth Form is committed to supporting students to grow physically, morally and spiritually during their time here, in addition to succeeding at their academic studies.  Universities often like to see evidence that applicants are rounded individuals with a range of interests, initiative and involvements.