Visit from an Old Girl

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We were delighted to say 'Welcome back' to Rosemarie Davidson-Gotobed, who was a student at St Martin’s from 1978-1983. Rosemarie came to give an assembly to the whole school to share her memories of how things used to be 'in the olden days'.  Rosemarie holds the post of National Minority Ethnic Vocations Officer for the Archbishop's Council - a national body of the Church of England.

We enjoyed hearing about how some things were different in the 1970s, when a portion of fish and chips cost just 83p! In assemblies there were no slick PowerPoint presentations and the girls had to sit on the hard floor. But some things have not changed; the expectation of hard work, high achievement and being a caring person to others is the same now as it was then.

Rosemarie inspired us to make the most of all of the opportunities presented through an education at St Martin’s and challenged each of us to 'cut your own course', so that, just as she has, all of our students can look back to their school days as time which set the foundations of future success.

Left: Rosemary with the Student Leadership Team.