A Bishop's blessing

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The Bishop of Kingston, the Very Reverend Dr Richard Cheetham, came to St Martin’s to lead a service to bless our Chapel stained glass windows last week.  The service, held in the school chapel, was attended by the form captains from each tutor group, so students from all year groups could participate. We heard from the students who had made the windows; they explained how they had worked with the artist, Jude Stark, and designed and made the beautiful windows that illuminate our school chapel area.

Bishop Richard spoke about how God’s love helps us to see things in a new light, giving hope and a new perspective. It was a very uplifting message. Afterwards everyone stood amongst the windows as Bishop Richard said a prayer of blessing, not only for the windows, but for the whole school, that we might be inspired to see things in a new light, and share God’s love with others.

Bishop Richard is no stranger to school life, he was a physics teacher in the days before he became a priest, and is a leading voice in the field of research and debate on science and religion. After the service he had the opportunity to meet some of our science students, and have a fascinating and profound discussion time on the relationship between science and religion.