GCSE Results 2017

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Students and staff from Britain's oldest girls' school have much to celebrate today having sustained high student achievement across a variety of subjects. Despite national changes in this year's English and Maths GCSE specifications, making the content much more rigorous and challenging, our girls have surpassed expectations and a number have achieved the top grades of 8 and 9.

An exceptional proportion of students achieved across a wide range of subjects including English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Drama, Religious Studies, French and Spanish. We have much to celebrate and our provisional highlights include the following:

  • 74% achieved the new higher grades (9-4) in English Literature
  • 70% achieved the higher grades (9-4) in English Language
  • 30% achieved A*-A grades in Biology (100% pass rate for all students and 91% achieving A*-C grades)
  • 35% achieved A*-A grades in Chemistry (100% pass rate for all students and 87% achieving A*-C grades)
  • 39% achieved A*-A grades in Physics (100% pass rate for all students and 91% achieving A*-C grades)
  • 35% achieved A*-A grades in Art and Design
  • 20% achieved A*-A grades in French
  • 20% achieved A*-A in Religious Studies
  • 78% achieved A*-C grades in Drama
  • 74% achieved A*-C grades in History
  • 73% achieved A*-C grades in Music

The Maths papers were significantly more challenging than ever before yet 58% of our students achieved the highest grades (9-4) and our overall provisional results will place us just below national averages.

We also have success in our vocational courses with students performing exceptionally well in BTEC Sport (73%); BTEC Business (86%) and ECDL (100% many of which were at Distinction).

There were many outstanding individual student performances and profiles of top achievers securing the higher grades across the board include:

Nyah, former pupil of St Andrew's CE Primary School, is delighted with her exceptional results: 9s in Mathematics and English Language, 8 in English Literature, 2 A*s in Physics and Religious Studies, 4 As in Geography, Biology, Chemistry and History and Distinction* in ECDL, and will be going to college to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science; Nyah ultimately wants to read Maths at Cambridge. Nyah's advice to younger students:

"Start as you mean to go on and work hard. Everyone at St Martin's really cares and teachers have always been there to help us reach our goals".

Anna, former pupil of Henry Cavendish Primary School, achieved a phenomenal 9 in Mathematics, 8 in English Language, 6 in English Literature, 3 A*s in French, Art & Design and Geography, 6 As in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Further Mathematics and Religious Studies GCSE and an A in Religious Studies AS. Anna credits her "teachers who care and go the extra mile" and is ambitious to follow her aspirations of being a Mechanical Engineer.

Paige, who attended Winterbourne Junior School, is set on a career in Medicine and is delighted with her results, particularly in the new harder GCSE subjects of English and Maths securing the top grades 9s and 8s in these subjects. Paige also achieved the following amazing results4 A*s in Geography, Biology, History and Religious Studies GCSE, 2 As in Chemistry and Physics and an A in Religious Studies AS. Paige's advice to others: "Always work hard and never give up. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at St Martin's - it is a very caring community."

Tami, a former pupil of Sudbourne Primary School, is celebrating following her success in this year's GCSEs with top grades of 8 in Mathematics and English Language, 7 in English Literature, 5 A*s in Geography, Biology, Physics, History and Religious Studies GCSE, A in Chemistry, B in Business Studies and an A in Religious Studies AS. Tami is planning a career in Aerospace Engineering and advices her younger peers to "try hard from the start and never give up."

Kindness, a former pupil of St Jude's Primary School, is going to study A Level History, Psychology, French and Media following great results: 8 in English Literature, 7 in English Language, 6 in Mathematics, A* in French, 3 As in Drama, Physics and Religious Studies, 3 Bs in Biology, Chemistry and History and Distinction* in ECDL. Kindness said: "Don't leave any revision to the last minute. Work hard at your studies from Year 7. You must always be focused and mature. St Martin's has always been like a family and I am very grateful for everything."

Paige, who used to attend Stanford Primary School, has enjoyed success with an 8 in Mathematics, 7s in English Language and Literature, A* in Physics, 3 As in French, Biology and Chemistry, 3 Bs in Business Studies, History and Religious Studies and Distinction* in ECDL. Paige's advice to younger students is to "find that something that motivates you and think about it every single day, and work hard".