Year 7 UCL Chemistry Trip

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A group of Year 7 students took a trip to UCL to attend Salter's Challenge held in the UCL Chemistry department.  Together they worked alongside 24 other schools, each had brought a team of four students. Firstly the 'Salter's Challenge' involved trying to decipher a code using chemical elements and the periodic table. In the afternoon the students had to tackle the 'University Challenge', during which they were tasked with creating a mix of two solutions which would generate sulphur in exactly one minute. They were timed by judges! The day ended with a really brilliant physical demonstration of 'Magic Science'. The lecturer made 'Dry Ice' squeak against metal, displaying that melting and boiling points are relative to the pressure of a container, and then used liquid nitrogen, cream, custard, chocolate and raspberries to make ice cream for everyone. It was great fun.