Working in the City

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Part of our Working in the City programme, our latest visit to Société Générale was once again enjoyed by a committed and enthusiastic group of Year 10 students.  Below, you can read their impressions of the day.

"The trip to Société Générale was extremely interesting and insightful. We worked on things like personal branding, teamwork and interview technique. We were asked to focus on the qualities that make us stand out and the reasons why we are employable. Most people struggled. It was difficult to pick out our best qualities and talk about them, but we were told that these skills are important in the world of work. 

Later on, volunteers came in and asked us interview style questions. After we had answered, we received feedback and had the opportunity to ask them about their jobs. I especially liked this part of the programme because I was intrigued by the variety of jobs that take place in the City and what it is like to work there. At the end of the workshop, we played a game which involved stocks and shares. Each group was given a bank name and the goal to make the most amount of money. We were told that a company would arrange for something like this in interviews, to see how strangers could work in a team not caring about the actual results. In this, as in everything else, the day was very informative and enjoyable."  Maria Jackson 10R

"I am more confident about asking questions and working together as a team and I have also learned that when talking about your qualities you must give an example that is unique to you and makes you, you."  Sofia Camara-Martins 10R